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Beignets are a like doughnuts except fluffier and covered in powdered sugar. I'm not sure where they originated from, but they are very popular in Louisiana, New Orleans in particular.
Susie Q: Where can I get a good beignet?
Jim Bob: OH, Cafe du Monde has the best beignets and coffee!
Susie Q: So, they have those sweet pillowly sugary things!
Jim Bob: Duh!
by me_so_pretty May 05, 2006
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Only the most delicious, french, deep-fried doghnut you'll ever taste. Also comes coated in sugar. Its native habitat can be found in the jungles of New-Orleans.
1: Hey Bro, Wanna go get something to eat.
2: Sure bro, Café du Monde has some sweet-ass beignets.
1: What you think I'm made outa money?
by orbsa January 23, 2012
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Used to refer to someones 'butt'. A cousin of biscuits & buns. They are higly addictive.
I can't wait to get my hands on your beignets.

Can have a bite of your beignets?
by kind bud July 07, 2005
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