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A phrase that Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog uses to belittle him after he does something stupid in Eustace's eyes.

He usually takes out the infamous tiki mask or another trick to frighten the hell out of Courage to bully and to laugh at him, and Muriel slaps or smacks Eustace with the infamous rolling pin or another object to punish him for scaring Courage.
Eustace: Stupid dog! (takes out a green tiki mask) Booga!!! Booga!!! Booga!!!

Courage: AHHHHH! *runs off*

Muriel: Eustace! *smacks Eustace with a rolling pin*

Eustace: OW!! What'd I do?

Courage: (sighs after he stops and talks to the audience) I deal with this every day! But at least Muriel smacks him with something...
by Tanor Faux December 02, 2010
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