A very lovely Zambian goddess. Monde is like a pineapple, a bit prickly on the outside, but deliciously sweet on the inside.

She is basically the coolest girl you'll ever meet.

Loves singing along to random songs on her iPad and for saying "It's my birthday!" all year long.
Guy 1: Do you know Monde?

Guy 2: Yeah man she's so fabulous, she mst be from Paris! If she were single, I'd totally tap that!
by Oluwakemikim July 14, 2010
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A guy that knows you have a crush on him but he just doesn't see himself dating you
Elaine: he said he knows I have crush on him

Eva: So what's going to happen between you
Elaine: He said we will never date but we can be friends

Eva: dammmmn he is monde
by yupitsmew June 3, 2021
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a liar, cheater, thief, and one who does not participate in daily hygiene.
Will is such a Monde, he stole my chips, and he touched my keyboard and now its all greasy.
by Gotty June 6, 2009
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The true capital of the South and the great state of Virginia. Sometimes young male inhabitants are categorized as dudely or too cool by those who care too much and live by the stereotype. People born in the Mond usually never leave. Properly known as Richmond, the mond serves as a model city for the United States of American and the South.
The 'mond' is the abbreviated nickname for Richmond, Virginia.
by guymandudebro October 18, 2004
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to eat a large amount of food

can also add -ing to make it an adjective (monding)
I'm just monding on some Chex Mix…you?
by savviedubya December 21, 2010
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Abbreviation for Dickmond, a rather piss-poor boss.
I suppose The Mond will be knob slapping The Captain today
by Cock Flasp August 17, 2006
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People who refer to Richmond, Va as "the mond" are destined to become either housewives or country club members, since the definition implies that the speaker is a spoiled rich kid who will have everything handed to them. People who enjoy "the mond" do not frequently go into the REAL Richmond (a.k.a. not the west end) and thus don't realize what a hellhole of a place it really is. Richmond sucks and you should be happy to not live there.
"The Mond" is a term used by people who don't realize what a shitty place Richmond really is.
by ShitKicker January 26, 2005
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