Utterly confused and disordered
This web site is befuddleing
by I'm not tellin August 25, 2003
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They know too much, we must plug their ears with bananas and attempt to befuddle them.
by Brian Abenes April 18, 2004
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The general idea of being confused, and just as the word sounds like, fuddled. The kindof feeling you get when your mind is foggy. Like when it’s daylight savings. Or Chris Pratt at any given moment.
*first morning of finals week*
Person who got three hours of sleep: *walks into class*
Everyone else: *are screaming, crying, dancing around in a daze*
Person who got three hours of sleep: “what’s going on in here?” *is clearly in a daze* “I don’t understand!”
Person who also got three hours of sleep: “oh don’t have so much befuddlement, it’s finals week”
by ConfuseASponge February 25, 2018
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To be hopeful but confused.
The shit she says leave me befuddled. 2: idk dude thinks she likes you. 1: ya but she never says that or acts on it.
by Titus dyfilid February 20, 2019
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To confuse with brouhaha. more fun to say than to write a 3 page essay on.
I befuddled the freshmen with talk of physics and pre-calc.
by Bernzy February 10, 2005
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In addition to its use as a verb with the meaning
"to confuse", "baffle", "bewilder", and so on,
befuddle is also a collective noun.

In that use, it is a term of venery (a word for groups of animals), relating to therapists (regardless of system).

A befuddle of therapists usually contains 8 to 42 specimens, of similar (homogeneous befuddle) or differing (wild befuddle) schools. The latter tend to be unstable, but so do some of the individuals.
There is a befuddle of Freudians at the bar. We should avoid that area at all cost.
Listening to a befuddle of existential psychotherapists can drive the sanest man crazy.
by Kai_F August 15, 2010
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