1) Confused. Perplexed.
2) Drunk or in a drunken state.
1) The story left him fuddled.
2) In a fuddled state.
by Befuddled June 27, 2006
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'The act of putting your arm through the arm of another and waggling your fingers.'

This originated in Chester, England a few years ago and has become popular again more recently.
"Mate, it's time to fuddle-fuddle"

"Dude you totally just got fuddled!!"

"50 points if you get a picture of you fuddling that guy over there!"
by mysteron2800 February 24, 2009
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When a man and woman cuddle whilst his penis is inside her vagina. They aint fucking, they aint cuddling. They are fuddling
Tom had his penis inside Jennifer whilst they spooned. As there wasnt any movement they werent fucking, but it wasnt a cuddle either. They were fuddling.
by Graham Pike December 18, 2013
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A local word, used mostly in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, that means to sit comfortably and eat a variety of chocolates and sweets. Or cuddle up under lots of duvets and eat a variety of comforting sweets and chocolates or tuffees (another word for toffees).

In another definition it can be done either on your own, or where a group of people get together and share sweets and other foods a bit like a picnic.
We sat and had a fuddle whilst watching our favourite film, with the duvet wrapped around us.
by Kallandra November 18, 2013
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Any sexual position that involves cuddling and penetration at the same time. (ie, the spoon)
That fuddle was great, now we can just go straight to sleep.
by KimNDrew May 13, 2007
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gerund or present participle: fuddling
1. To cuddle (someone), and fuck simultaneously.
"My boyfriend, Nick and I Fuddle until the sun comes up."
"Dude, Victoria and I were Fuddling all weekend."
by Dracarys January 3, 2014
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the act of cuddling leading to fucking. Can we fuddle?
cuddle leads to sex.

I want to fuddle honey.
by timtimtimtimtimtimtimtim January 27, 2008
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