Chris Pratt: Itsa me, mario ,and my pronouns are he/him
by ShuBox_ October 3, 2021
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When the fat guy you have a relationship with bails on you when he becomes hot and acquires social value.
" what happened with the guy you were engaged with?"

" he got hot and got a new job. He pulled a Chris Pratt on me "
by Nina Clerecuzio June 20, 2018
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nonononononononononono, anyone but fucking chris pratt, why is he mario, why does he garifeld, nooooooooooooo
by HibiscusMiku November 3, 2021
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Girl: Chris Pratt is extremely hot!

Boy: No kidding! Have you seen Passengers? I'd go gay for him after watching that movie!
by lovemesomechrispratt February 5, 2017
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Neo Nazi/Far-right/Three Percenter sympathiser/ actor whose costars are prone to defend when he's singled out as the "worst Chris", in an internet meme. Very one note acting. Starred in hundreds of marvel movies and in that cinematic aberration "The tomorrow war".
“The ‘sinless’ are casting stones at my #brother, Chris Pratt … A real #Christian who lives by #principle” and who happened to marry “into a family that makes space for civil discourse.” - Am actual thing posted by millionaire movie star Robert Downey Jr. with no trace of irony.

No matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out, keep your head up and handle it. Tupac quote posted by Zoe Saldana also to "defend" him.
by angelisme July 18, 2021
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