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Girl: Chris Pratt is extremely hot!

Boy: No kidding! Have you seen Passengers? I'd go gay for him after watching that movie!
by lovemesomechrispratt February 05, 2017
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The most funniest, coolest, hottest, sexiest person in the whole UNIVERSE. He's the raptor keeper from Jurassic World , one of the guardians of the galaxy. He has brown hair and green forest eyes that are so deep you can get lost in. I would fuck him soo hard sadly Anna Farris is married to him, he's 6'2 I'm 5'4 Anna Farris is 5'5 WHATS SOO GREAT ABOUT ANNA FARIS IM JUST AS GOOD AS HER ! Now back to my lover he has a big dick!
Damn, Chris Pratt you fucked me hard! ........
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When the fat guy you have a relationship with bails on you when he becomes hot and acquires social value.
" what happened with the guy you were engaged with?"

" he got hot and got a new job. He pulled a Chris Pratt on me "
by Nina Clerecuzio June 20, 2018
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"Chris Pratt is an American film and television actor, who grew up in Lake Stevens, WA. He is married to fellow Washington State native, Anna Faris, whom he met on the film set of Take Me Home Tonight (2011), and with whom he has one child, Jack Pratt." Also, an amazing actor who has been in films such as The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy. And is in the TV show Parks and Recreation. And is the originator of Emmet Swag, through his role as Emmet from The Lego Movie. And has achieved Ultimate Emmet Swag.
- "Man, I can't wait for Guardians of the Galaxy!"
- "Chris Pratt is in that right? He's the best!"
- "I know!!!"
by Jacobawitz1 July 05, 2014
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