The worst week of a college or high school students life. Finals week involves pulling an all nighter to reverse the months of slacking that have killed their grades. Finals week involves a lot of stress and very little sleep, the college or highschool student will be on edge the entire time, thus it is not a good time to screw with them by playing practical jokes or something you might find funny.
guy: Titty twister!!
Phil: (punches guy in the face) its finals week asshole
Guy: oh ok my bad (cowers in a corner)
by beast and the harlot June 2, 2005
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absolutely horrendous week where you and your friends hole up in the library to make up for the ridiculous amount of slackin' you've done over the course of the semester. However, there is some fun involved, such as getting pizza delivered to the library, spending lots of money on QT junk food, or taking pictures of your antics until someone tells you to shut up.
Girl 1 sets her Facebook status as 'Frick, i hate finals week. I have butt ton of homework, all nighter anyone?'

Girl 2's response: Yes please, library?

Guy 1's response: Word. Bring the food?

Guy 2's response: CRAPPP.. so much work. see you in a quick minute.

and so on...
by asusundevil2 May 4, 2009
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The one week on college campuses where people stop buying weed and everyone buys Adderall
"Hey, can I buy some weed?"
"Sorry man, finals week"
by boobs :) May 3, 2010
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Invented to suck the fun out of life and kill the dreams of college students, as well as assit the police in decreasing the amount of drunk in public calls in and around college campuses.
by shubox April 20, 2012
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A state of purgatory in which the whole school is either cramming or having a panic attack. Particularly bad for students who are done with finals but are still waiting to go home. Antonyms include Syllabus Week.
Me:"Hey brah, wanna get shitfaced and bang some biddies?"

Friends: "Can't man it's Finals Week, I have to learn 16 weeks of economic theory, write two anthropology essays, and read the whole psych textbook for Thursday.
by magic Q December 15, 2013
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n. a dormant superhuman power laying in young adults that comes out two-three times a year in times of great desperation.
After the marathon, Ralph went finals week on a fire hydrant to quench his thirst.
by schleets November 15, 2009
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Finals week is the worst week to be alive. the entire week itself with make you want to kys. You always are late to finish all of your work and are crying because you know you are way too sped to get into high school. After you finish all of your finals you will be so fucking happy than getting a damn C
why does this week suck so much?
It's cause it's Finals week
God damnit!
by i want to kms May 19, 2022
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