Beet means nothing, or everything. Everything good is Beet. Beet may also be used as a greeting, much like hello.

The word Beet has no association to the food Beet, or the word Beat. It originated from an ancient tribal dialect from the suburbs of Maple Ridge. BC, and is said to be as many as 7 years old. Not much is known about this mysterious language. except that it also includes the words Puu Maa Chuu Sheet Puuu Peet Baaa Daaa Booot Erm In Its and Ku.
Used as a greeting:
Derek says "Beet, what's up?"
Dan replies "Beet, not much"

Beet can also be used to describe something good. "How did you do on your test today?" "Beet"


"Damn, this new casino is Beet"


After winning the game of table hockey, Dan proclaims "You have been BEET!"
by Derek November 17, 2004
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The combination of two words, Boot and Feet, to make a new word, Beet. A boot for the feet.
"I would like a pair of beets for Christmas."
by Monkiman January 3, 2013
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A vegetable similar to a potato in that it is a root and carries similar qualities to potatos. The inside of this vegetable is purple with blood red juices. Nigger's happen to love this vegetable very much. You have to be careful where you use the word because negros will flock to beets.
"Ya'll got them new Beats by Dre boy?"

"Naw nigga but my moms got deez fresh beets from da market, gawd"

"Damn nigga, I love me some beets. Hand em' ova"
by Blunter420 January 9, 2013
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usually describes a girl who's pussy has been fcuked a lot and is not tight anymore, or the girl her self is beet.
"yo that chick is beet." or "her face is beet" or "shes so beet!"
by TReelogdecarHustlE April 21, 2007
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To go red/blush.
Beet -> Beetroot -> Red
OOoohh,,Look at Avril!!! She's beet!!!
by Ella,eh,eh,eh February 25, 2008
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1. (noun) Vagina
2. (verb) To have intercourse

Used by people on the Six Nations Territory.
1. Holy heck she has a stink beet!
2. Could you hear them playing beet last night?
by SixNay July 17, 2009
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A friend of the person who dances about with his tits out all the time, the tit dancer being Toad
"You are gay Beets"
by Dougs. February 15, 2004
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