Meeting + Beating. A work meeting where the manager gives a verbal beating to employees.
Our weekly work meetings are becoming beetings given by the managers.
by yeshua2000 March 25, 2009
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That Brittish band from the Doug Funny Show(cleverly titled Doug where they sing stupid songs that get stuck in your head.

The Beets' were the most popular band on the show and were adored by Doug, Skeeter, and Patty.
The Beets' song #1:
"I need more allowance!"
"Because I do!"

Little girls Doug and Skeeter: "Ahhhhhh!!!!!! The Beets'!!!!"

The Beets' song #2:
"A-eeeeee-ooooooooo Killer Tofu!"
"Oooooooo-eeeeeeeee-ooooooooo Killer Tofu!"

Little girl Patti wets her pants.
by Shaunn L. May 7, 2009
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A term Massapequa students use as a practical joke towards one another. Inducing online trauma and remorse. The shame of being "BEETS" 'd promotes social dismay and depression.
Yo man, I left my facebook up for one second and I got "BEETS" -Sir Sweeps

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. -Bass
by Randell J August 31, 2010
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The act of questioning a friend if you would hook up with a certain girl.
Used in code in order to protect the true question. Can be said directly in front of girl.
(Walking through the mall, and see a decent looking girl that you need approval of) You would say.....
'Hey bro, Beets?
by TheWhiteKnight December 15, 2007
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to express the idea of ridiculousness or stupidity in another's ideas or actions.
by Cracka'fo'sho' February 28, 2005
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