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A large swollen and quite possibly infected testicle which appears purpley/red in nature. Perhaps caused by the Mrs finding out about "the affair" or due to obscure sexual positions in which the safety of the testicular area may become impaired.
Fuck me, check out the Beetroots on that poor bastard!
by #VB Beetroot August 26, 2003
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Also known as 'brute' meaning someone who tackles hard/big hits in Rugby Union
Oof that prop Matthew is a beetroot did you just see that big hit?
by LawtyLover November 15, 2010
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A person who's face has turned a red/purple because they are embarrassed, 'beetroot' is usually shouted when someone does something embarrassing and try's to pass it off.
(school kid drops food tray onto floor and his face turns red)
Guy 3: (aside to friend) his face is beetroot
Guy 2: haha ye
Guy 1: (shouted at kid) BEETROOT!!!
Guy 3: BEETROOT!!!!
by Beetrootboy December 06, 2012
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Person who has their head in the ground, they are unaware of things/people around them. They will come across as narrow minded, impatient, rude and arrogant.
by cyklode November 24, 2011
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A code word often used to indicate when the person that is the topic of conversation is close by.
"dude you seen the size of colins nose it's beyond massive"
"oh hey colin"
by bluetractorr November 30, 2010
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Main character in the novel "A coders hell" by Jack L. Edington where the programmers must fight a new virus called "the dark sin". The story is a very exciting one and in the end the virus is partialy eliminated but with severe consequences to the humanity.
Beetroot was struck down by the fury of the "dark sin".
by #vb dark`sinner August 28, 2003
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