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Not a BMW, or a lemur. The Beemer Lemur is a unperformed sexual act. It is an act that replicas fisting into a hardcore stimulation for strong woman.

The way The Beemer Lemur is performed

1) the guy takes off his partner's panties

2)he gapes his partner's vagina
3)he attempts to stick his head into the vagina
4)you don't touch yourself, only the partner takes the pleasure.
Time to celebrate December 1st with a sunday special! The Beemer Lemur!
by boybetterknowsee3owu November 19, 2019
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a hot sexy bitch who drives a beemer.
Everyone stops and stares when the beemer bitch drives by.
by DSmf September 2, 2007
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When you have spent the money to get attention for your shiny black BMW and lots of birds come along and shit all over your hood like they ain't got nothing better to do.
See that car in the driveway? Yeah that's my Birdshit Beemer ! Enjoy!
by HighMaintenance68 May 3, 2016
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A low-end, or old ragged-out BMW automobile. These are usually purchased by stupid people who think anything above a ford focus is a luxury car. Compare with baby benz
Did you see that dumbass in the redneck beemer? Was that a trailer hitch on the back?
by reppintha423 February 22, 2012
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Noun. A condition inherent to drivers of BMW automobiles, causing them to overtake the fast lane of any road, and often in a belligerent, arrogant, pushy and assholish manner.
The moment he sat behind the wheel of the E21, Davenport began to feel the onset of what several Behaviorists have dubbed 'beemer complex.'
by James Hoffa Lincoln October 8, 2014
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To be drive by cock slapped. Or hit in the head with a cock from a passing by car.
Yeah dude i was jogging down the road and i got beemer weinered.
by Michelle Kensington March 12, 2010
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Anyone who bought, owns, drives, or as anything to say about BMWs other than how anyone who buys, owns or drives one is a pretentious asshole.
Bet you little Beemer Bitches flip your collars on your shirts up, too.

Yeah, you're really cool now. Really. You are.

by 6_Qubed August 23, 2007
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