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Once upon a time Beemer was someone who worked for IBM, and Bimmer was a reference to a BMW vehicle. People got confused.
by mdtallon September 17, 2015
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1. Nickname for any BMW vehicle.

2. Nickname for BMW motorcycles only, whereas 'Bimmer' is used to refer to BMW cars.
New M3 owner: Check out my new Bimmer.

Random second person: Just say 'Beemer'; you sound like a cock when you say 'Bimmer'.
by Jezza Clarkson September 4, 2008
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a car that is made by bmw a suv is not a beemer a beemer is the car made by bmw
my beemer is ridin' on 19's she's purddy
by JayKay February 25, 2005
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Man; Legend of Minneapolis MN. An individual that has a big ego and holds relevance as an artistic icon to the city.
The tale of Beemer. Descendant of the hunting party of Old Three legs; Detroit Lakes, MN.
by Beemstar July 25, 2009
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A car marketed to the upwardly mobile working and lower-middle classes as a luxury mark. Despite being one of the UKs most common brands, seen by the terminally unimaginative as somehow exclusive.

Distinguishing features are non-functional indicators and a special lens in the windscreen which makes the car in front look further away. This results in typical Beemer driving behaviour such as changing lane or direction without warning and driving two inches from the car in front.
Beemer Baz: Get out of my way - can't you see I'm important?
Driver in front: No, I have a car in front of me, so take your repmobile Beemer out of my ass.
by JimboRangoon March 18, 2008
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