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The lemur - the most awesome animal on the planet, found naturally only in Madagascar. The ringtailed lemur is the most widely known (like zaboomafoo, or however it's spelled), and looks like a bit of a cross between a cat/fox/raccoon.
Hey, let's go to the zoo and look at the lemurs!
by Lola April 01, 2005
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The coolest animal alive; can also be used repeativly to annoy someone. Also feels weird to say.
Dude, the other day; that one chick just couldn't shut up. She just kept saying "Lemur Lemur Lemur Lemur Lemur" over and over
by Sammeh the lemur November 16, 2006
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only the greatest animal that ever existed
A. Hey aren't lemurs awesome?
B. Yes, I'm gonna get a pet one and name it little Slow Rider.
by Shannon6 November 02, 2007
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A nocturnal mammal that causes mischief. Most Lemurs go at there own (widely varying) speed, and are difficult to catch, handle, or train.

Lemurs have limited communication skills including hand gestures, loud cries, and body language. Their is speculation in the scientific community that Lemur eye sight is poor due to the low lighting levels and dry conditions of their natural habitat.

This mischevious night time creature is known for it's creativity. It is not unusual to find a complete and unique re-arrangement of the environment in their wake, including but not limited to precariously stacked objects, scattered objects on the ground, and large objects shoved in small holes.

"Did you see what the lemurs did to this place?"
"Yeah, they crammed 15 in...that hole can only fit 10"

"I came in and the lemurs were actually still there, creating more mess. I had to shoo them so I could fix the place."
by Lumen Lover November 18, 2008
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A nickname for a rather short person who has great jumping abilities.
Look, at Lemur over there, he sure does tackle funny.
by McConnell November 28, 2006
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One who leems
โ€œJohn has been doing a lot of leeming lately, he must be a lemur.โ€
via giphy
by Jackliffo September 23, 2019
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