Pissing on the car door handle of some motherfucker's beemer. Trust me, he deserves it. Nothing good can come of it. Either he hits it wet and gets piss on his hand, or it rusts out the keyhole. It helps if you sit and wait for the asshole to come back and sniff his hand
The shitbag in sunglasses on the phone cut me off in his 5 series, so I followed him and gave that analripper a beemer squirt. He got my piss all over his hand. Eat shit and die.
by Walt Samuels November 28, 2006
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Famous catchphrase from the 2006 film Cars. This sentence is pronounced by the main character of the film Lightning McQueen many times during the film, to kinda hype himself up.
*mcqueen does an epic drift on the dirty section of the track*
Hudson Hornet: Float like a Cadillac
Lighning McQueen: Sting like a beemer!
(float like a cadillac, sting like a beemer)
by wetpenis90210 May 9, 2021
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Spanish speaking person born in Spain, Mexico, and South America, usually annoying regardless of where they were born and raised
That Beemer might be from Mexico because he speaks Spanish, then again he might be from South America
by Notreallyracist April 14, 2019
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An old rich stuck up dumbass old man that drives a bunch of beemers.
Dude that beemer dick was trying to hit on my girl.
by Poweroffire July 5, 2022
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