1.) The act of pleasuring oneself, aka solo masturbation; can be performed by either male or female.

2.) A growingly popular phrase used as an insult/comeback
Alex: Yeah well you're just big fat ho anyway!

Ben: Listen Alex go touch yourself & then take a long walk off a short pier!

John: ooooh ben hit him with the TYS... no comin back from that
by la luchadore October 30, 2010
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1. A make-up for not being able to tell someone to go fuck themselves due to a reason.

2. A way of pointing out a personal problem.
1. Yeah well, go touch yourself.

2. Well why don't you go touch yourself some more like you always do.
by George Buckington January 28, 2006
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Not the eternal 'you'll-burn-in-hell' admonition from parents, nuns and priests received by millions of adolescents. Now, it's your face that is the forbidden body part.
Quietly closing the door behind her, stripping off her gloves, sliding out of her mask, she kept repeating "Don't touch yourself" although she desperately craved the feel of her own fingers.
by Monkey's Dad May 15, 2020
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Phrase used to answer a question involving 'why' or 'how'. Usually sounds perverted, such as the phrase 'Thats what she said'
"Daddy. Why are there no dinosaurs?"
"Cause you touch yourself at night..."

"How is this possible?!"
"Cause you touch yourself at night..."
by Mr. Frank the Urbanite October 17, 2008
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One of the most popular theories as to how the dinosaurs become extinct.
Why did the dinosaurs die out?

Because you touch youself at night!
by AndyAML July 30, 2003
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