In my travels I am constantly on the lookout for strange new beardos.

I can only hope that someday I will attain beardo status.
by el kevo May 14, 2005
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Look at his whiskers and that outfit. What a beardo!
by MinistryOfDEW November 9, 2019
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An all-around weird man (shape, appearance, voice, choice of words) with eccentric love for his beard.

See Harvey Westmoreland on YouTube
Saw a beardo yesterday, reminded me a lot of Harvey Westmoreland. Luckily he still had his beard.
by Bquizz March 24, 2011
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a hipster with a big ol', unruly, full-facial beard (and usually wearing a hoodie or knit hat)
Me: The gastropub in Fishtown was so filled with beardos we had to leave.
You: With what???
Me: You know - bearded hipsters wearing hoodies, and (even though they're hanging in a "gastropub") drinking PBR & Miller High Life.
by salthebeardo March 2, 2009
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A strange, weird, hard-to-figure-out-don't-want-to type of person. Someone who looks as though they are up to no good, or pondering some sort of revenge. This is attained by having a perplexing look on their face while slowly stroking their facial hair. This kind person over-thinks every situation and believe there is a mass conspiracy out to get them. There is also stupid questions like, "Are you mad at me?" posed at inopportune moments of time.
Dude #1: "Who the fuck is that guy? And what the fuck is wrong with him?"
Dude #2: "That beardo? Nobody is sure what is wrong with him. Just ignore him, and hope he does the same to you."
by The MI Shocker December 16, 2013
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A bearded hat that covers the face. Great for skiing, snowboarding, or the NHL playoffs (for those who can't grow a real beard).
Jimmy wanted to support his hockey team during the playoffs but he can't grow any facial hair. Instead, he bought a beardo and now he's good to go with a cloth beard on his face.
by brouhaha April 17, 2011
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a weirdo with a beard. Or a weirdo who is so weird that you can call him a beardo anyways.
santa clause is a fat beardo.
by adefrenza October 11, 2006
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