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Fishtown is a neighborhood in Philadelphia along the deleware river. Once a working class community it has slowly become artistic and festive.

also known to have a bar, church or pizza shop on every corner

Fishtown is a hipster haven
the hipsters like to eat their pizza and drink pbr in Fishtown
by FishtownKid July 31, 2011
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Fishtown is always on top, no one is beating us. we know how to have a good time. if u live in Fishtown you automatically feel like you belong to a famILY. Fishtown has the strongest, craziest, most courageous people out there. we are all a famILY and will always have eachothers back no matter what. Fishtown1πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€ͺ😻
by fishtownkid1234 March 22, 2018
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Fishtown is a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where most of the worlds Tony's and Vinny's reside.

The name "Fishtown" is derived from the area's former role as the center of the shad fishing industry on the Delaware River.
Hey, I saw Tony over in fishtown picking up some hoagies and pizza.

My cousin Vinnie lives in the basement at my home in fishtown.
by MrFlannery July 24, 2009
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Fishtown has the realest ppl in Philly. Everywhere u go in Ftown you find someone that has been puttin them back since they were like 11. Fishtown bouls know how to party and have a good time. Fishtown kids are the best at sports any where in Philly and can fight better then any1 else. Any other neighborhoods are corny besides ftown. No one can fuckin touch us
person: where r u from
other person: fishtown
person: aye same u a real one
by phillyjawn1 May 03, 2019
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Probably the worst neighborhood in all of Philadelphia. Filled with a bunch of people who think their better then everyone since forever. Nothing good comes from fishtowners at all. This neighborhood ds shouldn’t even exist bc of how bad the people blow here. Filled w a bunch of yuppies too along w a**hole parents who try to make their sped kids good at sports but fail to attempt each time. Not one good thing i have to say about Fishtown. They all think they can fight too which is the best part.
by Evangeline Summergrass July 10, 2019
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