A golden beverage, triple brewed by the gods themselves. Miller likes to take credit for this elixir of life, but we'll let it slide since they sell it for an astonishing $11.29 a case. If anyone ever tries to trick you into buying natty light, slap them and tell them, "No! MHL is way cheaper and has a high alcohol percentage, bitch!" Glass bottles of Miller High Life is astronomically better than canned Miller high Life. The first sip usually taste like blood and nickels but its okay because the rest are awesome.
We should get Miller High Life. That idea just made me so hard.
by PopNasty February 12, 2011
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What god intended us to drink simple as that bitches. miller for life son.
miller high life, its not light and it doesnt taste like moose piss. enough said. its miller high life love it or die.
by drunkasfuck December 16, 2007
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The best beer ever made. Produced by Miller Brewing Company; Milwaukee, WI. The Champagne of Beers!
Get that Budweiser out of here and give me a Miller High Life.
by Jmagnus October 17, 2007
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Quite frankly, the best damned beer ever produced. The drink of champions. Nick named "The Champagne of Beers", and it truly is.
Burt: "yo, you gonna hit up Shooty's Super Bowl party?"
Rudy: "Damn straight, got me a 30 pack of Miller High Life, gonna get me drunk up."
by ric_IH November 17, 2007
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'The Champagne of Beers', introduced in 1903 by Miller Brewing when people thought champagne was something special. Rumor has it that it once was something you could not only swallow, but somewhat enjoy. It's recipe has since been modified. Today, it's a cheaply brewed 'beer' that is made with one part leftover natural grain dust from real brews and one part miscellaneous animal by-product from super-massive poultry/livestock farms that often service fast food chains (dried and ground into dust).

Another example of bait-and-switch labeling.

Also referenced recently by idiots that do dares.
Idiots prove these tales to be true via 'dare':

"The human body can't possibly drink a gallon of milk in an hour and keep it down."
"You can't eat two tablespoon-fulls of nutmeg without vomiting"
"Drinking miller high life in excess of 4 ounces per day for a week gives one any range of various medical disorders"

-In the case of miller high life it might even be considered fun to see which disease/disorder the consumer acquires.
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