A three-way sex act in which a person is penetrated orally and either anally or vaginally.
Your mother got arrested, but was released after she let the cops spit-roast her on video.
by El Juanquero March 8, 2005
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otherwise referred to as "the shaky 'h'" is a sex position where there is one person giving a blowjob and getting fucked, where two of the people are vertical and one is horizontal.
go to pornhub and look "spit roasting" up
by ;/ikuyf;yd rzewzertyduloi April 2, 2018
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Sexual acts of various kinds between two men and one woman.
“There was a bit of spit roasting going on last night fellas” (Stuart Olding)
by Brooke02 March 30, 2018
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Verb: to spit roast. A sexual activity involving 3 people, two active males and one passive (male or female). Man 1 pentrates person 2 from the rear (anal or vaginal) while he/she sucks the penis of person 3.

Noun: The act off...
Verb: Would you like to spit roast me?

Noun: Last night, I had a spit roast
by Dick The Buttock Scruttock February 14, 2003
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When someone gets into a lot of trouble with the law, teachers etc because they have done something quite seriously wrong.
"oh, i got proper spit roasted by my teacher today because i did not do my homework"

"the police spit roasted me today cos i had some drugs on me"
by mike.t December 11, 2009
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When someone roads someone so hard that they can't show their face.
Your face is so messed up you look like August from Wonder! You got spit-roasted!!
by Jackson2222 December 5, 2017
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The position when a woman is on her hands and knees with a guy behind her doing her doggie style while another male is in front of her and she is sucking on his penis. Looks very much like a pig being roasted on a spit.
Trixie was the life of the party when she was spit roasted in front of the crowd.
by Andy2T January 28, 2004
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