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entertaining a crowd of people with mixed alcoholic concoctions
In the summer of '67 I was bartending at the Electric, Psychedelic, Pussycat, Swinger's Club in London when Austin Powers failed to catch Dr. Evil.
by yowfactor January 24, 2014
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Everybody's favorite person. They smile at your frown, put up with most of your shenanigans, laugh at your terrible jokes, offer the occasional ride home, and keep pouring. Respect and cherish these people. You never know how big a part of your life they'll become. Play your cards right, they might just take you home.
Friend: Did you see The Bartender?
Me: Ya, I kinda stopped breathing when she smiled at me. She definitely noticed. Oops.
by RyanFNation September 24, 2018
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An individual who looks at Information Technology (IT) from a holistic perspective inclusive of technical complexities, financial and cultural. Actively listening to the stories of those who delivery and consume IT services, talking them through to technical and financial solutions derived from those stories.
Jeff was an amazing IT Bartender with us - bringing out the pains of our IT processes and getting the CFO talking about the over budget spending. We're now all on the same page and know what to do.
by Jamels1 February 22, 2016
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1. Song made by t-pain ft. akon
2. A person who serves drinks at a bar
1. lyrics: Broke up with my girl last night so I went to the club...

2. The bartender served me 2 glasses of beer.
by what am I doing October 19, 2008
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A professional blender of liquids and solids (spirits, narcotics, drug substances, sauces, opiates, anesthetics, ethanol, tranquilizers…) involving a multi-step process culminating in the formation of a, generally appetizing, substance with a specific purpose.

Although historically mistaken for a non-medical professional, a bartender has identical importance as your local pharmacist, family doctor and favorite dealer. In fact, his/her qualifications encompasses all credentials obtained by the aforementioned occupations.
The hardest part of a bartender's job is figuring out who is stupid and who is drunk
by Dictionnarian July 20, 2018
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