Jokes made about the overrated, has-been actor Chuck Norris.
Examples of Chuck Norris Jokes:

Chuck Norris fought Mr. T, Rambo, Tupac, Bruce Lee, and the pink and yellow Power Rangers and lost, then vowed never to return to the nursing home on Halloween again.

Chuck Norris once attempted round house kicking Jet Li. His leg broke when it connected with the television, then he fell and broke his hip.

Chuck Norris almost turned down the offer to make a cameo in the movie "Dodgeball" on the grounds that he doesn't like to dodge balls—he prefers to have them resting on his chin.

When Chuck Norris completes a push-up, he does not actually move all the way down, it's the Earth moving up and punching him in the face.

Chuck Norris has been confused with Santa Clause, because whenever he enters a little boy's room he leaves with an empty sack.

Chuck Norris' penis is so small that when he has an orgasm the sperm are released in a single file line.

Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. During his stay he was arrested while attempting to have sexual intercourse with an island.

Chuck Norris beats off to "Pretty in Pink" three times a day with a wax figure of Andrew McCarthy lodged in his ass.

Chuck Norris was fired and arrested from his job at a Dallas Texas school after a video showed him smelling the football players’ jock straps. He was taken into custody oddly enough by a real Texas Ranger named Walker
by Alabama Atheist February 18, 2011
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there ain't no Chuck Norris jokes but Chuck Norris facts,
if you ever joke about him you will explode in 1.05 second.
you never joke about the man.
person A, " Hey do you know about that Chuck Norris joke with the rainbow monkeys and roundhouse kick? "
person A, " Huh?" *EXPLODES.*
person B, " That's why you should never mention Chuck Norris jokes.
by lokuuust July 30, 2010
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