Nur means light and it's exactly that she brings to your life, everything is better with Nur around, jokes, games, mistakes, doesn't matter.
She will carry hard.

She is someone you can trust and have serious conversation with and then do the derpiest things moments later. All girls should aspire to be like her. A sheer pleasure to have in your life.

Get a Nur in your life, guaranteed improvement.

Ray approved.
Yesss, Nur is comming over today. Gonna be great!
by The StingRay January 1, 2019
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Nur is one of the best people you will ever meet in your life, he is very funny and loves to keep close to certain people. Your lucky if you have Nur as he is a person who loves to socialise with people. He is kind hearted person and is very active. His name means light which reflects his attitude. Any girl that had him is very lucky as he will keep her by his side and never let go. He loves to have a laugh and is a very funny person to hang around with. Go out side with him and see how he actually is.
Nur is Funnnyy
by rocket star August 6, 2018
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Light, from the reflection of something that occurred brightness
A friendly person and crazy person.
You're awasome Nur !bı
by rainbow21 July 5, 2014
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Care for someone; Lower level of love; Really into; Good; Interest in.

Derived from "in ur" -- "i nur".
Hey girl, I really nur that photo of you.
by ravenkiko April 17, 2011
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Nur means light. Nur is an Arabic word. The person with this name is very loyal, caring, emotional, respectful, funny etc. Everyone needs a friend like him. They are having beautiful name as Nur which defines light but they mostly stay lonely and in dark. They like to meet with people and they are even loved by everyone. They cares for everyone and try to help others and risk themselves for others too.
by Rockybhi November 24, 2021
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means light in Arabic. can be used in male and female names.
Check out Nur, she's such a hottie!
by catatonic_monkey March 20, 2005
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Annur is very sweet and loving, he’s a gentleman unlike other boys and will always have your back. He will make you laugh and will give u things
Omg An-nur is so nice
by Ur_fav October 28, 2018
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