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A term originated from the online game World of Warcraft. It relates to a quest in the zone titled the Barrens. It is a term used by WoW players to describe something remotely impossible to find, much like the quest objective who is Mankrik's wife.
Steve: Dude, I was so shitfaced last night I have no idea where the hell I left my keys. Have you seen them?
Tom: Mankrik's Wife, man.
by Stevey Mc'Stevenson June 24, 2008
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One of the most infamous quests in World of Warcraft,Find Mankrik's wife has gotten itself quite a name in WoW.Mankrik's wife is far away from him,so the players are rarely able to find her without asking somebody who has finished the quest.It is also one of the answers in World of Warcraft when someone asks something in the Barrens.The shrine of Dath'Remar has also been dubbed "The shrine of Mankrik's Wife" because it is also hard to find.
Example 1.
Player 1-Where is Mankrik's wife?
Player 2-Do you like Metallica?
Player 3-OMG STFU N00BS!

Example 2.
Player 1-Where can I buy the inferno stone?
Player 2-Mankrik's wife

Example 3.
Player 1.Where is this shine of Dath'Remar?
Player 2.You mean the shrine of Mankrik's Wife?
by Humag May 03, 2008
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