The more polite form of buck ass naked. Required attire for skinny dipping with ur pals and for hangin it at nudie parties.
Josh: "Who's the hairy dude?"
Jeremy: (while dropping his boxers) "Oh, that's Chad. He got all bare ass and turned our last thing into a nudie party.
by Jacero10 August 20, 2006
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Naked; ass show'n... ect. (What kinda dumbass has to look that up to figure out what it means?!)
by Kayla Taylor July 01, 2005
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To pull your pants down in the back expose your bare ass. Some times used in the bare ass face fart. when a fart is 'bare assed" it allows it to dissapate more rapidly in the air allowing less reaction time in your surrounding crowd.
Man, sams bare ass fart cleared the room in under 4.3
by KJ November 16, 2003
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A Bare Ass, exposed as a taunt or an insult. A Bare Ass as many people may know in rare occasions has been known to be used as a weapon. Using an almost lethal sting on its victim. Instincts of the BA tell it to hit the most vulnerable areas such as the head or face.

There is some hope to save people, because it is only possible to plant a BA with pure technique witch is almost impossible to develop.
Did you hear about mark getting Bare Assed? I feel sorry for that guy.
by B.A.KinG December 24, 2006
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Describes a kid who is extremly ugly and likes to date men(ugly girls). It also gets its teeth punched in. Also has a holiday after him.
Johnny Bareass. Jack John. Happy hate John week
by Joe November 30, 2004
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