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A confirmation, yes, ok, I'll be there, I'll show up, sounds good, okie dokie artichokie
Susan: who wants to go get 25 cent wings with me tonight?

Joe Bob: (sends camel gif)

Ronnie: I'm a maybe camel

Jessie: Camel!

Free Willie: (Oversized camel)

Juniper: No camel for me tonight guys
by Woobie4Life March 06, 2017
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(Noun) The name of your buddy's girl's lover when he's away, because she rides him.
Dudemar Majoris: Hey man, you know our homie Major Shart? his girl is fooling around with another dude I call Camel, instead of Sancho.

High Hiter: Why you call him Camel instead of Sancho?

Dudemar Majoris: I call him Camel because he humps twice. Sancho is a one-hit wonder.
by High Hiter August 09, 2018
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An animal that stores water very well and is used frequently to travel across the desert. It is a well-loved animal.
Snehal "It's so hot in this desert. What if we can't get out?"
Kamal "Don't worry I will be your camel and get you out of here."
Snehal "Aww I love you so much."
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by Spoon-snaredrum April 24, 2017
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A camel is a dreamer-upper of dessert adventures. They are loyal and compassionate and perfect companions for adventures of happy-hedgehog rescue missions and tangerine-boat-cruises down the nile and orchestral concerts in the dessert and cloud surfing along the great wall of China. They'll take you to india to smoke opium together with the maharaja tiki tiki blip blop in the tanned tiger teepee and help you defeat giant platypus in greece, they love nothing more than to explore crystal caves in search of paradise vacations but they'll also happily stay home to play uno and drink hot chocolate after a day of hardcore skiing.

Camels cook scrumptious pampadams and draw exceptionaly well. They write exceptional birthday cards, sing lovely songs and they like iced coffe's and beer but not together. They are honourable and beautiful and rare, and if you're ever so ridiculously lucky enough to find one, join forces.
This day is shit I wish I had my camel.
by mememymy August 05, 2010
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A very large ass on a girl, or nice round butt
If a girl has a really nice butt you would say that girl has a camel
by CodyCamelover April 22, 2009
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Someone who is always thirsty no matter what. Like a camel that takes a really long time to finish drinking water from an oasis, the person called a camel suffers from the same length required to quench their thirst.
It doesn't matter if they've just had sex recently, they'll never be satisfied and will want to do it again, and again...and again.

This can also apply to someone who can't stop talking about sex and how much they wanna fuck people.
I.E #1
Beth: Come on Babe, let's fuck again. I have an itch I want to scratch!๐Ÿ‘„

Jerry: What!? But we just had sex a half hour ago. What the fuck!

Beth: I know, but I wanna do it again. I wanna ride your cock like a rollercoaster. Come on, get on me and pound the fuck out of me.

Jerry: Jesus. Bitch, you're a fucking camel!

I. E #2

Josh: Damn, Kim Kardashian has a big ol Badonkadonk, I'd like me some of that.

Julia: Oh. OK. Cool.

Josh: How about that Nicki Minaj, eh? She's packing heat too. I'd like to slither my anaconda in her buns if you know what I mean.

Julia: Okay man, I get it. Jeez.

Josh: I'd give Arianna Grande the Banana Madr-

Julia: DUDE, JUST FUCKING STOP. Seriously, go masturbate or get laid, just PLEASE stop telling me this nasty ass shit, you fucking camel!
by Giga Donkey Dick September 17, 2016
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A semi-popular progressive rock band of the 1970's, most famous for their albums, Mirage and the Snowgoose.
Camel isn't just some hairy animal, ass...
by Dead Head June 27, 2005
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