An alternative way to call self harm scars.
"My arm looks like a barcode."
"Shit, dude."
by Moohjuice September 24, 2020
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a term to refer to cuts on your arm
kaleigh: hey did you see my barcode?
cameron: omg you got another one i scanned my arm last night too!
by cxmjj November 15, 2018
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after a fart "oh no i think i've barcoded my pants"
by Shiftyspursfan August 22, 2005
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In Japan, used to describe the hairstyle of men who, attempting to diguise their balding head, grow one side of their hair far too long, and try unsuccessfully to brush it over to the other side.
Some stupid pervert with a barcode groped Yukiko on the train.
by Observer54 November 29, 2006
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An expression of dispair that we are no longer people with identites, but just a differing array of black lines to catalogue our pityful existence.
Barcode Can be used also on "Daniel Fish Boy" - 99 penny at local fish market!!
by Aidan Barcode February 24, 2006
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A great Danish hardcore band
albums: Showdown, Hardcore, Ahead Of The Game
Lets go and stomp some motherfuckers, while listening to Barcode
by Martin-HC March 10, 2008
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also known as cutting. self harm by slicing the wrist.

suicide hotline just to be safe:

I believe in u bros and sis y'all can get through this <3
I've been 5 months free from barcoding, proud of myself!
by donttakemetonguetied June 16, 2021
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