A boy who is holding a fish in all of his profile pictures, all he talks about is how great the water was and how big a fish he caught. Usually accompanied with a comment like " i love fishing". Wears sun glasses on the back of his head, and fishing t-shirts. Will love going fishing more than he loves you.
wow, look at this picture of fish boy and the marlin he caught on sunday!
by alskdjf;eioy April 25, 2011
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A man who wears make-up, giving him the smooth skinned appearance of a fish.

Should be spoken in a loud tone of voice, similar to the name calling heard in British football grounds.
"Why does you skin look so silky smooth, blood?"

"I think he's wearing make-up."

by Don no soul simmons February 10, 2017
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Someone who calls people simp for no reason to make up for bad behaviour, and boost their own ego. These people think that anyone talking to or being remotely nice to a girl is a simp, and use the word constantly to make themselves feel better.
Person A: "Hey, what do you think of this song?"
Person B: "I like it, it's pretty good"
Person C, aka fish boi: "SIIIIIIIMMMMP"
Person B: "Geez, all I did was say I liked the song, fish boi"
by VeryVerySmartPerson May 19, 2020
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An ultimate sideman, like as much as those fishermen that followed Jesus all the way to the top of a mountain and gave him fish for his approval. A fish boy would follow you to the ends of the earth just for you to acknowledge them.
Friend 1: Wow! Tom is such a sideman
Friend 2: I know right, he's a fucking fish boy
Tom (the fish boy): Hey guys, what you talking about? you doing anything this weekend? can I come? be my friends?
by bigmanburn December 16, 2014
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A really cool guy that every one likes and has a bunch of girls on him. He owns a really expensive car and has hella girls on him.
Your Girl: OMG look at fish boi hes so cute.

you *forever alone*
by I Love Fishboi March 07, 2018
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Everyone else: Shut the fuck up
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The fisherman king Lee Know!

He is an all rounder god who is also the 4th Gen Fish Boy king of the ocean
a: hey! is it true there’s a 4th Gen Fish Boy??
b: yes! the one and only Lee Know from Stray Kids
by Navile July 10, 2021
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