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A man who wears make-up, giving him the smooth skinned appearance of a fish.

Should be spoken in a loud tone of voice, similar to the name calling heard in British football grounds.
"Why does you skin look so silky smooth, blood?"

"I think he's wearing make-up."

by Don no soul simmons February 10, 2017
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An ultimate sideman, like as much as those fishermen that followed Jesus all the way to the top of a mountain and gave him fish for his approval. A fish boy would follow you to the ends of the earth just for you to acknowledge them.
Friend 1: Wow! Tom is such a sideman
Friend 2: I know right, he's a fucking fish boy
Tom (the fish boy): Hey guys, what you talking about? you doing anything this weekend? can I come? be my friends?
by bigmanburn December 16, 2014
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A boy who is holding a fish in all of his profile pictures, all he talks about is how great the water was and how big a fish he caught. Usually accompanied with a comment like " i love fishing". Wears sun glasses on the back of his head, and fishing t-shirts. Will love going fishing more than he loves you.
wow, look at this picture of fish boy and the marlin he caught on sunday!
by alskdjf;eioy April 25, 2011
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