The feeling you get when you realize that all the noobs here misspelled "despair"
I facepalmed when I read the urban dictionary definition of "dispair"
by humanityisdoomed March 23, 2009
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a shit feeling that you get when all has failed.
I have so much dispair from not being accpted by the girl of my dreams i could just die!
by maxinator February 7, 2006
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(ebonics) referring to a card game
Shit! All I got is dispair of 3's
by Sepio April 6, 2005
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A dark, gaping, bottemless pit in which a man will sometimes fall into and never see his manhood again.
I loath the day i lost my way in that pit of dispair named Lucy, my purple helmet warrior has lost his fighting spirit.
by D. W. Cogswell July 12, 2006
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