august 22nd*, the day of bananas, a day for the giving out and the eating and general enjoyment of and appreciation for bananas

*august 23rd may be celebrated as well, as bizarro banana day
"happy banana day! would you like a banana?"
by tyhe July 28, 2008
some retards think banana day is on the 22nd, but actually its on the 23rd.
by bananatrophy July 28, 2008
This day is dedicated to celebrate Hannah (Hannah Banana). Hannah was the sweetest and purest dog to ever walk the earth. She loved everyone and everything in the whole world. She was far too precious for us all.
"Dude, it's May Fifth. You know what that means?" Jaela asked. "It's Hannah Banana Day!"
by bananaboye October 19, 2019
It’s Anna’s birthday today so it’s obviously all about Anna day <3333
Person 1: it’s October 12th
Person 2: No you mean it’s National Anna Banana day
by Carmen<3 October 13, 2021
An overly ripened banana that is yellow with brown spots and is beginning to soften thereby needing to be consumed immediately to avoid spoilage.
The grocer only had last day bananas in stock so I'll wait until a fresh load is delivered later this week before purchasing.
by Couch Pig February 22, 2018
On the 23rd of December, everyone has to give a banana to a friend or stranger and say "do you want a banana", in reference to Tally Hall's "Banana Man".
Meghan: "I just remembered, it's Give a Banana day!" *gives banana* "Do you want a banana? This banana for you."
Carl: "Oh why thank you." *takes banana*
by flynnit December 23, 2021
banana soup day is a day on 23th on December where you need to drink banana soup with your whole family
hey joe is banana soup day
joe:oh time to start drinking
by GASPWHAT December 24, 2020