3333 is a college, International Graduate Housing at Wake Forest University - known to have some of the most awesome parties with great food, wine and people.
Hey! are you going to 3333 tonight?! It's going to be a great party like always!
by galalalalalalalalalala March 14, 2011
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Used to show that something (placed to the left of the less-than sign) is less than 3333. Sometimes used by female/homosexual male internetters to mean "Much Love" or "Four-times the love", a play off of the symbol "<3". However, they are incorrect, and merely stating that the person to left left of the less-than sign is less than 3333.

Girl: 3332 <3333

in this case, the number 3332 is less than 3333.


Girl: Andy <3333

In this case, Andy is a person and cannot be less than 3333.
by LiamRulZ666 April 8, 2008
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the best person in the world, always so sweet, they're very loveable, and they shouldn't change themselves for anyone.
"i love you nat<3333"
by goobie snoob September 22, 2023
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My favorite person to ever exist, the person who saved my life and other lives multiple times and expects nothing in return. The best human being on this planet! Everyone loves her so much! She has the best personality ever and is the best friend ever to exist <33
You’re my Anastasija<3333
by Livspepper January 23, 2022
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a very nice person on discord who is probably one of the best people out there
boy 1: hey who's that?
boy 2: oh that lizzy#3333, they r so nice!
boy 1: sweet!
by keroppi#1111 March 25, 2021
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cydney is a caring loving person that jordan has feelings for.
jordan freind: thats your future wife?

jordan: yes

thats a example of (CYDNEY <3333)
by jordan hehehehehe January 6, 2023
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