The 23rd of every month in every year is the official Hiro+Leni day. It's known as the day where two soulmates, Hiro and Leni, finally got together in another life!

And it's a lucky day, so if you met someone you love on a 23rd your souls are probably linked to each other since a long time ago.
— Is it April 23rd today?

— Yes! It's Hiro+Leni day, so i hope i can meet my soulmate today too.
by lowstrix April 23, 2021
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the 23rd of every month is a cursed day for all benjey twitter stans. in this day everyone gets into a lot of fights and its not good for anyone. if you are a twitter stan stay away from twitter on the 23rd of every month.
you are using twitter?! be careful because today is the 23rd
by October 23, 2019
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The day when extreme smartness, happiness and savageness is born
People born on this day have a heart as sweet as honey...never let others down
But totally dispise dishonesty
Eg: if she is born on March 23rd , then she definitely must be smart

Eg: His dress sense is so good! He definitely must be a march baby
by I$ October 16, 2019
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Overall, the best type of people are born on this day. If your lucky enough to be born on this day you are set for life.
Your so lucky that you were born on July 23rd!
by Kicky40 November 6, 2019
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People born on 23rd May are the most cunning, inteligent and beautiful people to exist. If you're born on 23rd May, you are stunning in every possible aspect. There is no thing person born on 23rd May cannot achieve. The wisest person, trully ravishing. Be happy if you have a friend born on this date.
Oh, so she was born on 23rd May?
Yeah, she i too elite.
by the only one to tell the truth February 10, 2021
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National give a girl your hoodie in exchange for her scrunchie day.

National give a guy your scrunchi in exchange for their hoodie day
Hey it’s January 23rd give me your hoodie here’s my scrunchie
by Hailey2paris January 23, 2020
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The day the wisest of bishes and bros are born. They're edgy and but smart, I recommend trying to befriend one
Person 1: yo how tf did he get 99%
on the test?

Person 2: he's probably born on November 23rd

Person 1: ahh, that makes more sense
by Bouncing Baby Boi November 8, 2019
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