"Did you see Jim tell off the boss? That was ballsy!"
by Load March 22, 2003
Adjective for someone willing to take risks, or displays how manly or unafraid of authority and/or getting caught a person is. Also to describe the act of something dangerous or forbidden.
"You snorted cocaine in your junior high girl's bathroom!? That was ballsy!"
by iamgirl March 28, 2009
Steve Erwin from the crocadile hunter is the most ballsy person in the world
by Jru August 19, 2003
(adj.) unsettling feeling, discomfort that can arise when you drink too much, wake up hungover, have binged on certain substances for an extended period of time, or are just generally feeling less than healthy
- "I'm feeling a little ballsy today, I'm gonna go twist up a j to chill out."

- "Hey Bruce, I heard you've been sick."
- "Yeahhh, shit sucks. I'm still feeling a bit ballsy but definitely much better than last week.
by Chekhov April 23, 2010
used to describe many things such as homework, or doing work one does not choose to do, but does not have an option.
"I hate school! It's so ballsy!"
by bald kittens August 15, 2009
handing around baileys and milk to co-workers. often associated with caroline
caroline is so ballsy.
by caroline's fan club May 2, 2003
1. Something which takes balls aka courage to do
2. An object which attains a ball form
3. A response when no other response is available
4. A lesser degree of shady
5. Not quite though
1. "That was a ballsy throw"
2. "That ball is very ballsy"
3. "So, I saw an orangutan masturbate yesterday" "Ballsy"
4. "Ballsy, almost shady, but not quite"
5. Ballsy
by jakethebaked June 4, 2007