Used to describe a very unpleasant situation. Past tense would be "shit sucked"
"On my way to work today some jackass slammed into my car and completely smashed my bumper. I have like no money to get it fixed right now. Shit sucks."
by Anon#12394 March 14, 2012
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Commonly used on internet forums, "shit sucks" is short for "This shit fucking sucks", meaning "This situation is horrible."
I got run over by a car. Shit sucks.

I got the flu the day before graduation. Shit sucks.

My girlfriend dumped me after I bought her an expensive gift. Shit sucks.

I realized that I was wearing only my underwear at the interview. Needless to say, shit sucks.
by Kyothine June 9, 2009
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Everything that unfolds during the workday and about 75% of events outside of the same workday.
I burnt myself on an exhaust pipe and my wife bitched me out for leaving a napkin on the coffee table. This shit sucks.
by Wrldgoesround March 24, 2016
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when a man sucks the shit cuming out of another mans rectum, then kisses him with the shit in his mouth
"i just shit sucked old man jenkins in the bathroom!!"

"i'd love to do a shit suck with him"
by September 25, 2006
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A derogatory name for people of African descent. Derived from the origins of jemken and the myth of man on monkey sex as the origin of AIDS.
That shit sucking monkey raper left his shoes and took off with the money for my sack!
by JustWrong June 29, 2012
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A term used when you gloat over another person's misfortune.
Friend: Damn, I just lost that $10 note.

Me: Suck shit.


Friend: I tried to ask out this hot chick, but she said no.

Me: Suck shit.
by 500%nigger November 26, 2010
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