the boy and girl are more compatible because they both play soccer
by skin and bones April 26, 2007
1. To make something compatible

2.A term that S2 Games, creator of Heroes of Newerth, invented when players attempt to load replays from an older version of the game.
Player: *looks through list of old replays*
Player: "Oh LOL I remember this one this replay was so epic!
Player: *click*


Player: that even a word?
by Transfat October 2, 2011
the measure of alikeness between two people
Fred: name a subject at school... 3..2..1....
Britney and Clare: simultaneously biology
Fred: geez you guys are compatible to the max, you performed exceedingly well on the compatibility test
by ferniii May 3, 2017
I wish there were a way to compat salt and milk; they don't go well together.
by ScentedFern February 3, 2020
A table that can be inserted in most documents including that describing the dining room.
Being compatable nicely illustrated the dining room inventory.
by Hercolena Oliver January 7, 2010
A word invented by marketing executives at Microsoft to try and sound cool when they are not.
This game is coming to back compat.
by tidyb April 11, 2018
When two compatible people (doesn't necessarily have to be romantic. It could be close friends, family members, etc.) hold a strong bond that allows them to drift/mind meld.
"Wow look at them! They're totally drift compatible."
by LordiestLord November 12, 2013