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Gross and nasty
"Girls don't fart, only skeevy stoners fart." Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back
by Jru August 17, 2003

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playa, pimp
like playa but spelled like princess leia with a p infront
Im a pleia ass pimp for making this word up myself...thx star wars
by Jru August 17, 2003

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Shafted, embarased
Tony hawk busted his shit and was a salty ass fool. (Also) You got salted. or Salt on you.
by Jru August 17, 2003

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Large testicles
Steve Erwin from the crocadile hunter is the most ballsy person in the world
by Jru August 18, 2003

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The act of urinating in a partners reamed asshole. The challenge lies in maintaining a flacid penis during the process as it is extremely arousing.
The door was shut, but when I opened it, I saw Sam honeypotting Charlie, he was making a mess everywhere, but Charlie seemed to be enjoying himself.
by JRu February 19, 2004

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