Simon says: he likes to smell his balls and he likes to drink his ball sweat
by Mike Hunt May 1, 2003
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The sweat produced by your scrotum that posesses its own unique and tangy scent.
"Dude, I jerked off in the sauna, and now my hands are covered in ball-sweat!"
by Allah February 3, 2005
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the sweat from a male's genitals that usually ends up on various parts of a female during different sexual activites
We were going at it all night and my balls sweat just dripped all over her.
by Sarsur January 4, 2006
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after a long days working placing your hand on your sweaty nut sack and then placing said hand onto someones face.
I gave Talbo a the worst ball sweat hand after i played tennis in a sauna... thats a sweaty, sweaty ball sack
by Proffesor Jonathan August 19, 2006
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The tangy juices that accumulate on the testicles when one has not bathed for a few days or has had vigorous sex and fallen asleep without cleansing the nads.
Jimmy Bobby: What did you make that dang face for?
Jimmy Bobby's sister: Your nuts taste like ball sweat vinegar! Worsh your ass or Ima puttin ma cloths back on!
by Rocky Starleigh September 5, 2005
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To have the temperature and humidity so high that you sweat enough in the nether regions to make soup broth.
Geez Thom, it's so hot today that I'm able to make ball sweat soup, from my ball sweat...
by Litespeed61 July 25, 2016
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When the temperature outside causes your balls to sweat, this also applies to female "balls".
"I cant come outside and play", said Jessie, "I'll be sweating balls!"
by Kerry L. August 5, 2005
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