When its so hot outside the sweat droplets on your head are as big as balls.
by Aaronnyc89 April 11, 2007
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A shady character or someone who has just comitted a stupid act or to have jesteror clown like behavior with no laughs. If person is overweight they are considered a sweat hog.
brittney is such a sweat ball
by Nitchoff what! October 30, 2007
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The components of the second COVID vaccine, in addition to the mRNA spike protein fragment.
So, did the COVID vaccine hurt?
Well, the first one made my arm a bit sore; the second one was very different--I think they made it out of dump trucks, bowling balls and flop-sweat.
by YAWA January 23, 2021
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The extraordinary time and effort a guy has invested in getting a piece of tail.
I got so much ball sweat equity in getting with that Tina, I swear I could feed a small country for a year!
by DrEyePoppin' November 25, 2017
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