What every male was before he was bearded.
When you look through a yearbook, you don't think this kid looks like he belongs on a golf course, you think this kid looks like a teenager. Being clean shaven doesn't indicate anything about someone's lifestyle (unless you're judging a book by its cover).
by Solid Mantis January 14, 2020
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What men of LOW to NO levels of integrity, education, ethics, morals, values, virtues, etc. ask women on the first date or in a first job interview to qualify them as a trashy golddigger or "Monica Lewinski" future pleasure pal?... AND to see if they shave their pussy (vagina).
"So, Crystal, (with a drink in your hand if you're in a bar)... are you clean-shaven?"

A "yes" response usually results in a second date or immediate rendezvous in the bathroom where ideally the man performs his version of the song, "Damn, I wish I was your Lover" amidst a spontaneous lighting of candles, breaking out of the whips and chains, followed by a triple penetration pleasure romp "Penis Patrick/Swinger Nikki/Zero Vero Style."

"So Pauletta, (with a cigar in one hand and jerking off your pathetic little cock under the desk (in the "Oral Executive/HR Office/Penthouse)... are you clean-shaven"?
A "yes" response usually results in an an immediate job offer (with financial compensation commensurate with results of an immediate skills assessment command performance "on your knees" TEST/JOB assignment" (including real-time elevated vocal/body language feedback).
by sightsinsights January 4, 2018
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a form of swag that is obtained upon shaving for the first time in ages; completely transforms an individual inside and out.
IK: Dre has really changed this past week
SS: Must be the Clean Shaven Swag
IK: True dat fam
by Ikhanic September 5, 2017
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Man man who has no more genitals and is as blank as a Barbie doll
Shit dude I went trim the hedges and now my dog is clean shaven
by Soak in the bath June 12, 2019
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