A word used in Scotland/ North East England meaning child or baby.
'She's got three bairns now.'
'I'm taking the bairn to school!'
by Yarr Harr May 24, 2007
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"Aye when you were just a wee bairn I used to mind you when your mam went tae the bingo."

"I cannae believe shes pregnant - at 15 she's just a bairn herself"
by anna apple October 12, 2003
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Don't go in the loo just yet, I've just dropped a bit of a nasty bairn.
by pik@ November 9, 2003
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'Av to collect ma bairns from da school'
by beachy April 27, 2003
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Word used for fans of or players for Falkirk FC (central scotland); otherwise known as the "Falkirk Bairns"
"The wee falkirk bairns never miss a match"
by Hillimary January 26, 2008
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Bairn is the ultimate overlord of the obesity epidemic. His flag is his sexy stomach with all of it’s extremely hot stretch marks
All women:!Who’s that sexy demon?
All men: That’s bairn, he’s ours.
by Hailbairnsexyman December 10, 2021
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