bail-in (noun, verb)

- The situation in which a bank steals a depositor’s money from their account. Depending on the jurisdiction, it can permitted in accordance with banking or governmental legislation.
1. Bank depositors in Cyprus got a rude awakening when they saw that their bank accounts had been bailed-in.

2. The Canadian Parliament has now passed legislation which will allow future bank bail-ins.

3. The IMF has proposed a one-off tax for European bank depositors who have accounts with funds in excess of 100,000 euros.

4. In order to fund their latest deficit, the nation is considering implementing a $30 billion bail-in package.
by AgeOfJefferson September 20, 2014

To leave in a rush or abruptly with great urgency
I gotta bail on you guy's , my lady is coming home soon.
by Old school bossman September 19, 2020
When you run away or quit on something( for example projects, groups)
“ look up bail in urban dictionary and scroll down to see Beckett’s face”. Backstage
by Naynayfriend January 12, 2018
he bailed on our dance projects he's a beckett
by skyelarrtorres October 11, 2017
To kiss a girl then never talk to her again.
Beckett Bradstreet bailed on me after he kissed me. - Vanessa
by _sashimi_ February 17, 2019
1. to leave
2. to bounce
3. to break
4. to be ups
by Monkey January 31, 2004
Verb: fail to show up for an important date, ditch someone

2.making up bull excuses inorder to get out of trouble or serious situations.
1.'Hey, did you meet up with Jack?'
'no, the jerk bailed on me.'

2.'gosh, i really needed to talk to her but she bailed on me!'
by Anti_Social October 2, 2005