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one who portrays themselves as high in popularity and looks down upon those who aren't as "cool" as they are, a complete tool to the in-crowd, one that is not liked
That guy with the Abercrombie clothes on is a doucherette.
by Monkey January 8, 2005
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A character, originating as Sun Wukong from the chinese legend Journey to the West, Son Goku has been adopted into two anime that I know of so far: the Dragon Ball saga (Which I loathe beyond all belief) and Gensoumaden Saiyuki (which I love).
Saiyuki's Goku could kick DB/DBZ/DBGT's Goku's ass. Let's see mister saiyin defeat a war god.
by Monkey December 7, 2004
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can be added to any adjective to add emphasis, regardless of whether or not it makes sense to reference hell as an entity.
its hot as hell.
its cold as hell.
this is stupid as hell.
that kid is smart as hell.
by Monkey January 24, 2005
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J, Preiya...

born weird, continues to be weird, will end weird
BOB: hey whose apartment we pre-gamin at?
BUBBA: Oh its these two gurls and this weirdo that live there. The two girls are cool, but that weirdo, man...
by Monkey April 2, 2005
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A seriously neglected and very good anime. It is a magical girl show, based on snow white with a serious twist. The show, however, isn't your basic magical girl anime with basic episodes: same old stuff, transformation, fight, end. It's deep emotionally and comically, many people have compared it to Revloutionary Girl Utena. However, lasting only 13 episodes it is too short and too new to get alot of recognition.
The seven dwarfs have become bishounen in this awesome twist of two classical fairy tales
by Monkey December 7, 2004
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