To leave in a rush or abruptly with great urgency
I gotta bail on you guy's , my lady is coming home soon.
by Old school bossman September 19, 2020
When you run away or quit on something( for example projects, groups)
“ look up bail in urban dictionary and scroll down to see Beckett’s face”. Backstage
by Naynayfriend January 12, 2018
To kiss a girl then never talk to her again.
Beckett Bradstreet bailed on me after he kissed me. - Vanessa
by _sashimi_ February 17, 2019
boy 1: my friends bailed on me.
boy 2: that sucks.
by McLovinLovesYou September 4, 2009
Bekett’s Face
Search up bail on urban dictionary and scroll down to see Bekket’s face”
by danceacademylover101 October 14, 2017
When the police (or courts) release you on the condition that you adhere to a set of strict rules e.g Don't leave the country, don't do whatever you did in the 1st place again etc, and also that you appear to answer your bail at a location selected by the police/courts i.e your nearest police station

Failure to do so, or "to breach your bail" would result in a warrant been issued for your arrest
Scott - "Shit, I gotta go man. My bail coditions say I'm not allowed to be any where near you an the police are over there"

Dan - "You best get the fuck out of here then mate"
by Dr Do-Not-Alot April 8, 2010
verb- used in conversation to stop someone from talking or to end oneselfs bad story
"so this one time we went to a party (sees that no one is listening)uhhh bail"

"ok mike im going to do this as a favor to you and your sad story...BAIL"
by Allen M April 30, 2006