A popular punk venue in Kingston, Pennsylvania until around 2008. Backstage has hosted bands such as Agnostic Front, Cold As Life, Goatwhore, High On Fire, Madball, Regurgitate, Unearth as well as other nationally known metal, hardcore, punk, and pop punk acts.
Punk kid: Dude, now that both Backstage and Metro are shut down the scene here is fucking dead.
by thebeardedblacksmith February 12, 2013
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A word in an extensive vocabulary of theatre terms standing in for sexual terms meaning asshole.
See Johnny, when two men love each other very much, they put their actors in each other's backstage areas, because men don't have trap doors.

Did you see them?? They weren't only running lines, they were running lines BACKSTAGE!!!
by SamMacElParker December 7, 2009
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In Disney theme parks, this is the area where guests are not allowed, tucked away behind indescript doors and curtains. In reality, these areas are usually quite ugly, disgusting, and very unkempt. This is also where you see many a cast member doing what they normally are not allowed to do onstage: eat, drink, smoke, use the restroom, talk on their cell phones, talk about their personal lives, be unfriendly.

See also: cast member, guest, Fastpass, onstage, lead
I need to go backstage for a minute to answer my phone.
by amg May 3, 2003
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Backstage worker at "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" in charge of Bessie, the Late Night Lockbox, but doesn't know where the money that should be in it has gone. Has his own theme song, pyrotechnics, and clothing covered in money.
"Here comes Backstage Larry,
Backstage Larry is comin' out!
Here comes Backstage Larry,
All the ladies gonna scream and shout!"
by Kilty McBagpipes January 16, 2005
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Phrase used when one has been given the go ahead to engage in anal sex.
"Sharon gave me the backstage pass and I'm using it tonight!"
by Alexandra July 31, 2004
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if there´s is not enough bulk by her boobs turn she round and stick your face between her buttocks to make a real good backstage brumskie while you shake your haed quickly with out taking breath and give your noise with: "brrrrr"
i had make a backstage brumskie tonight with my girlfreind and she enjoyed it.
by steppenwolf August 20, 2006
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a girl who is invited backstage at shows in exchange for "favors."(wink wink) a softer way of saying groupie.

i see a lot of potential backstage betty's here tonight.
by Samigirl B April 9, 2005
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