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Yip is an abstract noun for the feeling when you are happy/ excited/ want to party.It is not usually used in the same way as happy it is used like the word yay. For example-
(Arrives at party)
A: yip yip
B: yip yip lets party
by Itellthetruthpeeps July 18, 2019
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Over Thinking Something So Much You Become Unable To do It. You Than Will Often Proceed To Implode.

Happens When Hitting On Girls

Making Game Winning Goals
Making Public Speeches
I Was At A Victoria's Secret Fashion Show And i Got The Yips, I Couldn't Hit On A Girl All Night.

Joe Got The Yips And Lost Us The State Title When He Missed That Field Goal.
by Shakes2 October 02, 2009
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The "yips" is a set of conditions associated with having your nerves badly rattled. Can affect the performance of athletes and in the case of combat veterans is a symptom of PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
1) I got the yips and bogeyed the rest of the holes.

2) My post military career prospects aren't looking so good with a bad case of the combat yips and and drinking myself to sleep every night.
by james savik July 12, 2010
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another word for yay-yo, snow, blow,crack(as my friend calls me every day(See crackhead))cocomocaine!sniffsniff while you suckkers takke a whiff whiff of my seeedless weed!haha
by grand wizard September 22, 2003
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A word that originated as a description of an animals sound, most often linked to the sounds foxes and small dogs make. Used as a word, it can be an exclamation of excitement or to get ones attention. Some times it is also used as an affirmative substituting the word yes. The word is popular in the 'furry' community as well.
Cassandra yipped to get her mate's attention
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a modern-day word for the drug ecstasy, used so that figures of authority won't know one has dropped.
'Yo dude, you on yips?'
'Yeah man, yipped to fuck!'
by xoxogossipslut February 26, 2012
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