A chemical that helps to speed up the process of digestion
Man I really need an enzyme pill
by Zackbot gaming November 25, 2016
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A great hardcore/darkcore/industrial label from the Netherlands. Originated after (and in the format/style of) Ruffneck. Enzyme is harder and has much more modern and progressive hardcore tracks.
by BadgerX August 25, 2005
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An extremely sensitive person who you have to be very careful around because the smallest move might scare or anger them. That's why you also have to pay attention to what you're saying because even innocent topics like talking about how tight one's belt is might make the enzyme denature with shock.
You know Connor from Chemistry? He's such an enzyme!
by Sexybarbiewithblackhair February 8, 2019
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An enzyme is a very Korean man who is not actually from Korea. He spends lots of time with his man clan and enjoys hanging with his two best friends! Who are scooty boys just like him! He looks very rectangular and does NOT like when people are ludicrous
"Ew hes such an enzyme, run away!"
by TheMagniClan May 17, 2022
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The word used to describe the chemical which is being created when the main happiness chemical (dopamine) and the main mood chemical (serotonin) are combined together.
Okay my son, today is a big day, it's your first day at high school. I hope your Enzyme-Sauce stays high and don't get into a fight on the first day.
by Anon the 13th April 23, 2018
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