a state of toxic agency-client relationships, characterized by a lack of transparency and unethical and unprofessional business practices.

See also: how big agencies are screwing big companies out of big money.
Our shady badvertising agency didn't even give us access to our Facebook ad accounts.
by angry_agency_client July 17, 2018
Created by Jacob and Adam, badvertise is the act of bad advertising or false advertising. It also means the bad things aren't being advertised.
Commercial: Matt is straight.
Jacob: That's badvertising.
by AtrayZ November 26, 2005
noun, Political Advertising that only infuriates its intended audience, causing them to NOT vote for the Douche or Turd who "approved this message".
Our Congressman lost the election because he tortured everyone in his district for months with Badvertising. He could have easily won if he had attacked his opponent's ideas instead of slinging mud. That stinking piece of shit blamed another stinking piece of shit for stinking.
by [TOM] ThunderDawg November 8, 2010
Badvertising refers to negative, public comments made about a company which cannot legaly be classed as either libel or slander, as rather than being factually incorrect they simply represent an individual's opinion.

For example, the BBC does not allow the advertising of products on its stations. If a viewer rang in to a phone-in and said (live on-air) "Coca Cola is great!", the BBC would have to apologise for this remark as it would constitute an advertisment (of sorts) for the company in question. However, if a viewer was to ring in and say "Coca Cola is rubbish!", the BBC would also have to apologise for the 'advertisment'. In this case, though, the company in question does not benefit from the negative publicity, and so rather than it being free advertising, it is termed badvertising (a portmanteau of 'bad advertising').

The term was coined by Ian Sadler, a Cambridge University undergraduate, in 2006, although it was used colloquially prior to this (and still is) to refer to bad quality and poorly thought out advertising strategies or campaigns.

"Radio 1 were accused of badvertising Sony today when a caller was allowed to speak at length about the problems he had been having with their products and staff".
by Ian Sadler September 20, 2006
Advertisements that are stupid as fuck. One of those commercials or magazine ads that makes you groan and say, WHAT THE FUCK WERE THEY THINKING OR TRYING TO PORTRAY WITH THIS BULLSHIT!! A completely retarded advertisement. A form of badvertising
Did you see that badvertisement during the half time show? Yah, it was stupid as fuck!
by Trent Kuver February 7, 2009
A advertisment that randomly pops up when you are checking out a web page. One that you will never look but only look for the close key.
I was checking a webstie when a badvertisement popped up and I instantly clicked close!
by youalreadyknow722 November 27, 2010