Its a greeting word. When you give you're friends that and say "Waddup"
"Waddup, Keyshia" "Waddup my homie"
by Awesome Forever April 14, 2015
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The act of saying hello to one of your boys, in a douchey and frat boy type of way. Credit given to internet sensation Dom Mazzetti.
Andrew: "Yo! Waddup boosh? Hittin' the gym later?"

Pat: "Oh hell yeah bro, gotta swell out today"
by NightHawk23 January 14, 2014
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Waddup bro” is what you say to a cool kid and they usually respond with a head nod or “waddup” back.
Me: “Waddup bro”
Guy: *head nod* “Waddup”
by SupremeCouncilman October 16, 2019
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