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noun - Unwelcome background chatter
"I was giving a captivating speech to an enthralled crowd. When all of a sudden, some loony starts shouting about their stupid position. I hate backshit like that."
by Cristina FS January 17, 2008
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talking about people behind there backs, or when they are not around.
harry- "did you see what jenny did with the pickle at that party?"

Steve- "not my place to discuss, i dont backshit people,"
by Steve Hooper October 16, 2008
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a backshit is something that people do when your all fuked at a party and people start to say things that make no sence.
walking around a lampshade at 360 degrees the speed of light while riding an upside down elephant cascadeing through a torpedo's missonary.

by shitnips April 05, 2010
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