An individual, most commonly of the male gender (can be used for females ironically) who has the attributes of being superior, {valid}, captivating, and {clout-chasing}. Young King is a noun used by other males to support and {gas up} their male counterparts or {homies}. Often found in NYC.
"{Bro} I got a pimple"
"Take care of your skin Young King!"
by youngM&Mkings January 04, 2019
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A male who rules over his peers at a young age
The guy in my class is the young king trap lord
by evansville trap lord October 26, 2015
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The best damn upcoming band from Canadia!
Guy: Hey man, have you heard that awesome enw band called Wise Young and King?
Other Guy: Yeah! They rock!
by Larcondos May 02, 2011
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