A certain individual who has compulsive thoughts and fantasies pertaining to fornication with girls completely out of his legue
Dang he's fantasising about her again? Daniel is such a hunchback!
by fatpssy69 January 14, 2011
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Tall mann over 6 ft who likes small women under 5 ft tall also known as a adult pedofile or vice versa
Look at that hunchback with that little baby doll she could give him a nobby without getting on her knees
by TazzMann99 January 27, 2016
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some stupid ass mutherfucker that thinks theyre cool but wears the same camo hoodie everyday and smells like shit. the hunchback wont know that they are hated, but they get ditched everyday.
see also, dominic rubino
dude that fuckin hunchback wont leave me alone
by paul schenk March 20, 2008
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peter caulfield is fat and is a hunch back and should move to notredame with the other hunch backs
by billy kernahan October 22, 2003
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Someone who irons their shirts over a Wok
Carl G, he's a daft bell ringing twat!
by MickyC February 15, 2005
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Bryan kowalyk.
see turkey smuggler
see stalker
Bryan kowalyk stole my turkey.
Bryan kowalyk loves the cock.
by Mack November 8, 2003
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